What’s Up Week 3?!

The theme of this week made me so happy when I saw it because I absolutely love photos and taking pictures because the people in the pictures never change and the memories never do, even if the people in them do. The first assignment made me really think and realize how much I love to take pictures and I really liked the readings because it made me dig really deep into why I liked pictures. I also liked the readings because I am always looking into improving my photography skills and ways to improve so I liked reading all the tips and different things to make pictures unique.

The second assignment was not one of my favorites though, I enjoy learning about new things, but I don’t really like dark things, I’m into the more bright happy drama movies, not crime ones. I didn’t mind watching the movies for class, but I also didn’t greatly enjoy them, but I do feel as though I do finally understand the concept of noir and that makes me happy because it gets easier to write about and analyze every week.

The minute I saw the words “photo safari” I got very very excited. I love taking pictures and I took this opportunity to have some fun with my suite mate, We explored until we found the perfect spot and while editing them, I realized there was a noir filter. What could be any better?! Heres some examples of the fun we had:






I love visual assignments because they allow us to express ourselves and to explore the world in ways maybe we would have never thought was possible. To start, I loved recreating emojis because I can’t lie I have always wondered what real life emojis looked like, I liked getting to be creative with my bag for my person and I love showing how close me and my mom look alike because her and I are so close. Here are the links to my assignments for the week:





Daily creates are my next favorite thing because we get to be really fun and we don’t have the control over what we end up making. It makes us explore our creative minds. I liked this weeks because I got to show my amazing friendship with my best friend and I got to talk about something cheerleading related and if you haven’t noticed from my blog cheerleading is one of few very important things to me. Here are links to my daily creates:




The last thing we did was just to organize our blogs so that our assignments were more accessible to people and to us, making it look more professional in the process.




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