Weekly Summary #1

I learned a lot this week and it makes me really excited for this classroom. I learned how to upload items to things like Flicker, YouTube and Twitter and the biggest, most important thing, how to embed to websites. Embedding was a lot harder than I thought it would be because I followed the instructions, but it was not working at first so I got pretty frustrated. Making a Sound Cloud and uploading music to it was a lot easier than I thought it would be because I did not realize you could just record and post, not a harder process. Embedding drove me absolutely up the wall crazy because I was having trouble getting things to actually embed and show up in the proper form and I just wanted it done. I really enjoyed getting into the world of Sound Cloud and Flicker because I had always heard about it and wanted to use them, but I never knew how. So this class allowed me to explore things I have always wanted to explore and to learn new things that can help me in further classes. This week I created a Twitter, Flicker, YouTube account and Sound Cloud and uploaded media onto them introducing myself to my new class. I uploaded things that included my friends, my favorite music and some funny little jokes just to get the classes started in a fun way that takes the fact we are doing school work a little more lightly. The process was very simple, I just went onto all of the websites and read how to make a account and created one, then I just spent some hours exploring and getting to know my way around those websites and my new accounts before uploading media to them. Then I spent some time getting to know Noir and what it was, I do not like the concept of it because I do not like dark and criminal related things. I also do not like crimes and drama, so Noir is not exactly for me, though the concept of it is a good one. Below I have inserted a link to my first blog post which includes all the embedding and examples of what I learned in my first week of DS106:


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  1. Great job getting everything set up last week — I know it’s a lot of steps, but the good news is that once all those accounts are set up — it’s done! You never have to do it again! :-)

    Noir can be tough, which it sounds like you’re also encountering in this week’s readings. I hope over the course of the semester you find some elements that resonate with you. Keep sharing your thoughts so that we all know best how to help you as we move through this topic. Keep in mind that, as with any genre, you can play with the rules a little and have fun — not that we’re doing anything silly with Noir in *this* class :-)

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