Week 6!

This week seemed like such a easy week workload wise compared to the other weeks of this class. I did find it a little difficult to actually find a group for the project, but once it happened it was so much fun sharing ideas with other people.

One thing we had to do this week was comment on ten peoples posts. I love reading peoples assignments and I love that we had to because sometimes I just forget to do it, but once I do read them I wish I had read more. It’s fun to see peoples creative side and how much fun they have!

Here are my comments:

1. Steel’s City-Orginal Poem

2. Soundboard Conversation-Dancing in the Dark

3. Radio Show Poster-Edith the art freak

4. Show Progress-Edith the art freak

5. Bankrupt on Selling

6. House of Noir

7. Street VS Theme

8. Time Goes By

9. “House of Noir” Radio Bumper!

10. Childhood Memory

Another assignment was to do another tweet along. I did not like this one as much and struggled to get into it as much as the last one. I and unsure as to why, I think the last one was funnier and more suspenseful.

Here are some tweets:

Another assignment of this week was to create a poster or logo for our radio project. Here is the link to my explanation and logo. I liked this assignment because I got to be a little more creative and have some fun!


We also had to document the progress of the group project and see where we were at with it. I think my group is working together great and things are going over very well so far with them.


The last thing we had to do with 10, yes ten stars of audio assignments and I started with a 3 star one that let me use my favorite movie of all time Elf and have some fun!


The next assignment I did was a twix remake of a singing commercial to just words in a radio ad because I love chocolate and twix and candy!


The last thing I had to do was upload a theme song for my character Longs and make it something that related to him. I tried my hardest, but I am still a little rusty on my skills!


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