Week 10: Who’s Brianna?

*Transferring into character Detective Longs, no longer understand or know the name of Brianna Rose Martino*

This week we had to comment on other characters posts, I am not the nicest person and I do not enjoy giving people positive feedback. I feel as though giving positive feedback makes people trust you too much, and as a detective you would think I would need that. BUT. I don’t trust people because I have seen the good and the bad in the world and I fight crime and fix things in every day society, I know better than to trust people and I want others to see that too. I tried to comment on peoples posts and try to be professional enough, but I did struggle to give nice comments. Though thanks to the help of my new partners and joining of the Tune Squad, I have become a little more soft and broke my Italian ways a bit in order to make this easier to accomplish..so here is my attempt at not being a badass fighting and solving crime, but a nice person in society..

1. Lilah the Loner

2. Commenting

3. A Group It Is!

4. Daily Dosage

5. Billy Steel: The Interview


7. Organizing-Bourse of Noir Returns to The Agency

8. My Exclusive Interview With The DS106 Crew

9. Daily Create-Finger Art

10. Reunited And It Feels So Good

The Tune Squad has not been together for that long, but we do get along extremely well and I hope everyone will be able to see that in this weeks recreation of our biggest bust yet: The Russian Mafia. This post shows the progress of how well this worked and how easily we got it accomplished. Though this group has changed me from my normally manly figure, I am learning working in a  team and having fun is more important than being the most hated man in New York City who everyone fears. Here’s more detail:

Tune Squad Take 2: What Have They Done To Me?

We had to decide if we were going to go into the last couple weeks alone or stick with our team and if theres one thing I learned thanks to my boss it would be life works better when you’re in a team! Also, we all know I need some brains to help me through since all I think about daily is chicken parm..

Tune Squad Goes To The Agency

During the previous weeks I have allowed everyone in the DS106 course to learn about my secret ways of being a detective. The most surprising one to most people was probably the fact that in order to get myself undercover to the max, I am known for disguising as a cheerleader. When I saw one of the daily creates for this week I knew it had to relate back to my alter ego, Bri the cheerleader and it also showed a little bit more of the heart I have developed including my continuous love for the color blue. I also created the title for the post in relation to a cheer I use when being a cheerleader..with a little twist..and twist..

Do It Go To It, Daily Creates Let’s Do It!

As a Detective who is hated by most of the city, I have to lay low and not get involved in much until I am needed. Since I am on such high watch of people who are capable of a lot, I lay low by staying in random places, I try to look for some of the darker places, but sometimes that doesn’t work. For this daily create..I showed my true hate for anything but black and white..

Colors I Hate: Do I Even Have A Phone?

Being a detective can be hard on my personal life, my family and everyone around me. It’s a hard job to keep up with and sometimes it can be the cause of loss of friendships and other things in my life, but when it comes down to it following my passion is what matters in life! For this daily create we had to talk to a random stranger and I chose to comment as my alter ego the cheerleader in order to encourage people to follow their passion like I did.

Talking To Random Strangers

I also decided to stop hiding behind my computer and changed my names on my blog and twitter in relation to my real self, I’m trying to not go by my alter ego Bri as much, trying to show the world who I really am!

As promised, this week the Tune Squad went onto the big screen, here is the first official copy of the Tune Squad video recreating the biggest bust yet of the Russian Mafia. Hope everyone enjoys it!

Plot: We recreated the biggest bust ever that we have had as a squad so far, thanks to the help of a former team member Gambino, we were able to win the fight and catch the bad guy.

Location: The University of Mary Washington

What I think? This video really shows my newest soft side, I learned it’s okay to have fun and let loose and be myself, though in order to protect my safety, I have also decided to perform this film in the alter ego of the girl cheerleader in order to save myself in a current mission.

On the rare occasion I actually communicate with other people that are not in my squad, I try to give them a run for their money. This week I was interviewed by a lady by the name of Martha Burtis and what I admitted and the questions that came across were so surprising and concerning at times. I admitted to things that I never thought I would. If you want to know a little more into my life and my crazy obsession with any sort of food..especially Italian food since I am from New York. Watch the interview.  Hope you enjoy getting to know a little deeper into my life!


Interview Longs

Write Up On Interview

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