Hey Week 5..Are You There?

I’ll be honest that coming into this week, I was very scared, I wasn’t really into last week so it scared me for this week. I also am not the most creative person so I was worried…but long behold, I LOVED THIS WEEK!

I loved the first reading because you see what really goes into design, a lot is unexpected and there is so much more to it then I truly thought was. When looking at designs, you always think they are easy and simple until you see what goes into them, all the thought and preciseness that goes into making something a true work of beauty.


I didn’t care for the second assignment just because I’m still not used to noir and the darkness of it, but it wasn’t that bad. I liked that as watching the movie I could actually look at it and say “oh this is related to noir for this reason” and actually be able to identify the noir characteristics of a piece of work. I also liked seeing the different design of the movie.


I love taking picture so I really got excited for the design blitz because it allows you to be creative and I liked that I was able to take pictures and tell stories behind them on why they are related to certain things.




For the daily creates this week I had fun because I got to interact with the children I babysit and have fun while doing assignments and I also got to experience an old game from the past and see what it was like.




I loved the design assignment options. I felt as though it was so much easier to relate things back to my character and complete the assignments based off of him then in previous weeks with other assignments. I also loved the fact I got to bring in some photo shop skills even though I really don’t have any, just the fact that I got to mess around with it a little bit made me really happy. I also loved that I could incorporate my amazing friends from a previous semester at another school into the assignments.





The final assignment was to read up a little bit on some copyright material and I really liked that because I am really into taking credit for my own work because I would not want someone else to take credit for mine! I like all the laws and rules when it comes to copyright because I feel as though you can take bits of ideas from other people, but in order to truly make it your own, you have to put your own little twist on it to make it fresh and unique.


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