Hey Week 4!!!

I didn’t like this week very much because I don’t like audio and talking very much because I’m shy. I did like the two videos we watched though and the one reading, it was really interesting and helped me understand the idea and concept of audio a little more. The reflection of audio really killed me though because I truly dislike it, but I loved the live tweet along and here are some examples of my tweets:

Audio Reflection

I loved the daily creates because like always we get to be creative and ourselves. I love the “I’m sorry but..” one because I got to quote my favorite movie which is Mean Girls and the theme song one because I got to show a little bit of more of what I love, cheer. It really is my life and the theme of my life so I felt really proud in that post.

Theme Song Daily Create

“I’m sorry but…” Daily Create

The radio bumper is weird because I don’t really like hearing my own voice, but I added some noir like music to help with the effect of the real DS106 radio.

Radio Bumper

The assignments this week were pretty fun, I got to do another theme song one, make stories with sounds and whistle a song I can’t get out of my head. I used my character for the sound effect story, it was his day off and he heard loud noise and thought someone he had made mad was coming after him, then he realized it was just a flood.

Longs Woken Up

I Knew You Were Trouble

Theme Song

I am the farthest thing from being creative in the world so I tried to do the best I could when it came to the radio show ideas, but I did struggle…so here is my best attempt:

Radio Ideas

We also had to download some program for editing which I don’t like at all, so I am sticking to garage band!

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