Happy Easter! Or Happy Week 11..That Too.

This week we had to do ten comments yet again and I have to say I love this part because I get to see what kind of crazy things my fellow characters are up to, but it is pretty hard when everyone waits until the last minute to submit their assignments because commenting can become redundant and boring:

1. Update On Me

2. Summary

3. Hit Me Up

4. Jack Is Looking For A Job!

5. Week 11 Daily Creates

6. Warning!

7. Resume for Jack

8. NNTF Trivia!

9. Sounds Of The Day

10. Andrea on an Album

As a man on the job, of course I have to look nice and professional and thanks to this amazing new thing I learned about called Pinterest, I am able to find some snazzy new clothes in my favorite color. I also get to explore some new gadgets and technologies that will further help me with the detective job. The plus side of always being in hiding is the fact I have time to explore the internet and I am so glad that I did. Next time you all see me, Longs will be in style!!

Styling Longs

Being a detective can be hard on the brain, very hard actually and sometimes I need things to lighten the mood. Some of my previous people in my life who don’t really care for me, have been catching onto my alter ego, the cheerleader Bri and because of that I am now applying to be a cheer coach, so I am still undercover in the same way, but so that it is slightly more safe for me to be on the job. I hope I get it!

Cheer Coach?

I named this post “Rain, Rain Go Away, That’s What All My Haters Say” because there are a lot of people who really don’t like me because of my profession and it’s hard because sometimes I do just want a friend to talk to. When that happens I look no further than my two stuffed animals who at this point in my life I consider my two best friends because they are always there for me!

Umbrella Art

You know, I do get bored inside, always being in hiding from those who for some reason don’t really like me. Thanks to always hiding, I learned to watch youtube videos and learn about things that I wasn’t really taught thanks to living in the city. One of those being fishing and thanks to those youtube learned skills I was able to help my pro out..well that and chicken parm. My one true love!

My Man

I finally got clearance in order to be able to drive around and actually feel safe so I am one very happy detective which makes me even more excited for the days to come. I contacted the DMV and created my very own chicken farm license plate and I am so happy to be able to use it and show my love for this awesome food. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

License Plate

We also created the Tune Squad Agency this week and you know what that means?! TUNE SQUAD WEBSITE! All you need to know about the Tune Squad, from contact information to information about all the work we’ve done. The Tune Squad works so well together and I hope you guys can see it in our website!!! I also have my very own page about the information anyone would love to know about me and what I do in my life, so if you want check out the Detective Longs tab!

Agency Website

The website is a work in progress, but we are slowly learning the ropes of it, please bear with us! But I can promise you that the tune squad is back and better than ever!



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