Concussions and Online Class: Take 1

Well this was a crazy week, due to the fact I got a concussion falling out of a tree trying to find noir cat, i’ve been very limited to what I am allowed to be doing when it comes to work and things. I also cannot look at computers for long periods of time, so this is pretty complicated. This week the tune squad finally met together in our special location on the University of Mary Washington campus. We had a few breaks in the case finally leading to the discovery of the noir cat, delivering it safely back to black.

We used audio as our main source. Having five audio videos ranging from 3-5 minutes, we were able to complete the task. Each day we recorded something differently, talking about the case and the breaks we had, the suspects, everything new in the case. Then each member in the group posted on our website about the case, though with my limited computer time, I was unable to post as much, though I was apart of all of the audio.

For our other items we have a email we found as writing, a picture I found from Lucy goosey that I designed and a letter found for photography. They are all posted on the website with explanation about them all.

I’m sorry to all my lovely followers for anything that doesn’t make sense, as the tune squad followers know already, I’m pretty clueless, add this injury and I’m out of this world.

I also tweeted twice this week, though with my limited computer access I struggled with it a little bit. Here they are:

Until next week, tune squad out.

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