Taking On Week 7..

This week was super laid back and relaxed compared to the previous weeks, but I am also not at all complaining about it. I started the week by commenting on 10 posts from people in the course. I really do like this assignment because it allows you to see what other people do and how sometimes there are different interpretations of assignments depending on the person.

1. The Steadfast Sleuths Week 2

2. Weasels, Emojis, and Space

3. Heel Concept

4. Ain’t Nobody Fresher Than My Clique

5. Photography, Writing, AND Video..Oh My!

6. This Could Be Important

7. Ready For Spring Break!

8. Emojinations

9. What’s Up, Mia?

10. I mean, You’re Welcome

The next assignment was to talk about the process of our radio show. As I stated in my post, I hate group projects and the thought of having a online class group project killed me inside a little bit, but in real life..I loved it!!

Heres the link:


For one daily create I had to create a heel, for someone who doesn’t wear heels I actually struggled with this..but my dog came in help with this one. Taking “dog lady” to the max!

Heelies? Or Heels?

I love my dog..a lot! So for this assignment my dog takes on crime in the newest action film … DOGS FIGHTING CRIME!

Blue and Orange, BLUE AND ORANGE!

I hate practically any sort of insect and airplanes and things that basically cause harm to people because I hate things that can hurt people..including people lol. Today’s daily create was easy and let me a little creative!

Bad Blood

We love RADIO SHOWS! Our group worked together so well and it was the most fun I’ve had in such a long time!!! Here it is..what you’ve been waiting for…THE THRILLERS..byyyyy..THE TUNE SQUAD!



  1. I found your radio show to be very interesting. I also really liked how there was music throughout the show. It made it that much more interesting. Something else that I want to point out is that I also thought your name for the group was very creative.

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