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For the first assignment I decided to make it like a storyboard type assignment, I really like taking pictures because I feel as though the people in the pictures may change, but those memories never will. So for this assignment I am asking people to create something like a college or timeline, but with pictures. It should tell a story about something that really means something to them, but trying to not use words. This is a way to show a little bit more about yourself, it really makes you think as to what in your life is so important in order to show an example of it. I like this because like I said, I love pictures, but if you don’t love pictures, this may not be the right thing for you! You shouldn’t have words in your story, but there should be some sort of explanation afterwords explaining as to what you did and why!

Here is my example of this:


I did a college, starting in the left corner, my first semester of college, my first college football game cheering with my best friend. Then I continued on with three pictures with my other best friend, one is the first picture we took and the other the last we took before I left SU. Then going down, my move in day at UMW, with my best friend! Continuing we have my first basketball game as a UMW cheerleader, my first UMW snow day, my amazing boyfriend and I, UMW cheer competing for the first time in SEVEN years, my first experience in the river and of course..swimming in the fountain! Finishing off in the center with the girls who showed me what family and a team means, the ones who support me through everything and who I get to cheer with for three more years. I chose my college story as my choice because it made me who I was, it has taught me so much and I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunities I have been given. My story is full of amazing friends and memories and I hope it really shows how much I enjoy and appreciate everything I have been given.

For my second assignment, I decided to still go with the college experience thing, but as a freshman because honestly it means a lot to me. I loved my freshman year and experience and I learned a lot, especially transferring here this semester. For this one, I asked people to talk about their first semester whether it be the time of your life or months you wish you could get back, whatever they want to talk about. How did you feel walking in that first day compared to how you feel walking out now? This is basically just a reflection on how it feels to make it through college as a first year student. It can be as long as one chooses, just make sure you share enough!

Here is mine:

I talked about how horrible my first experience of college was at SU and how miserable I was, but after transferring here to UMW, I couldn’t be more happy and grateful. Faced with a few injury setbacks, but never to the point of giving up because of my amazing friends and family here to help me out.


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