Video & Noir Film Design.

I chose to watch Double Indemnity as my movie of choice this week because when I looked both movies up it seemed more interesting to me!

At about the time of 2 minutes and 45 seconds there is a portion of the movie that really hints at the design noir idea, we see a very very dark space that seems to be confined and the two people communicating, the use of this is to show spacing..and the tight, dark spacing related back to the idea of noir and darkness.

At about the time of 45 minutes and 30 seconds there is a scene where someone is sitting at a desk and working when someone walks in, everything else is more a lighter scale and blurred gray scheme, while where the man is sitting it a bit darker and makes him seem like the focus point, but everything else is still balanced around him.

At about 1 hour and 26 minutes we get a close up of the face of the actor, it shows meaning, feeling and emotion, it is in a sense a symbol of how he is feeling and it shows in his face, representing another aspect of noir.

Things that are not related to certain times, but make this film noir like are the music in the beginning of the movie, very dark and suspenseful it made me wonder what was next and what was coming up. Also the use of dramatic shadows with the already very dark use of a color scheme really gives it the noir affect and theme of being dark and criminal like.


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