Tune Squad Take Two..

I Detective Longs have gone against all beliefs I have in life. I am known for my professional demeanor, dressed in name brands and always looking sharp, unapproachable, the ideal detective. Though ever since my director suggested me joining a group of people of different skills in order to further my successes, I decided to join the Tune Squad. Ideally being in a  group should help me solve crimes a bit easier, but in reality it has turned me into something I am not..

I Detective Longs have become the unthinkable..a playful, fun, air head character in which can’t take anything seriously and it all happened when I got hit in the head with a chair about a week ago. Ever since then the things I do surprise¬†me.

On Monday, the Tune Squad and I got asked to reenact one of our biggest accomplishments, when the Russian Mafia came to The University of Mary Washington. The Tune Squad formed together to redo this amazing catch for one time only. Using places on campus like the outdoor stage, campus walk, dorms, dodd and benches..I LOVE BENCHES! we recreated our catch of the Russian Mafia member Vladiamier. We filmed everything with about two to three takes for every scene and did them from different angles because well my manly figure only looks good from certain angles. But instead of being my sharp and professional character, I was found dancing around campus walk with a crazy hat singing childrens songs. But really, WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?!

The filming was over and our very own Tune member took it to edit, thank you Cunningham!

Overall it was a super easy and fun process because this team and I work so well together, I hate who they have made me become, but I love the fact we get to work with each other. The scenes aren’t exactly how they happened because we didn’t use a script, we just worked off of what everyone was saying, but that is just because we are an awesome team.

Hope you all enjoy the recreation of our biggest bust yet!


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