Tune Squad Reflection

I was unable to actually tune into our radio show this week due to the fact that I was working with another class group project, so after it I went through and looked for the hashtag and it actually appeared that we did not have anyone tune in to our show and I have read a few reflections and no one has written one. So I am not able to base any reflection in that case.

Though, after listening it to myself I did see some great things and some things that could have been improved. I liked how we incorporated a lot of all of our different bumpers and songs and commercials, though I don’t think they flowed together as much as we could’ve had them flow if we had made them together. I also felt as though even though we had fun with it, we really should have tried to cut down on the laughing and nonsense during it, just to make the radio show seem a tad more appealing and not like we thought it was a joke because we truly did not think that.

Though, I really liked how we based it off of the Killers because it was something that we were required to read and do a lot of work on, I liked the ideas and themes we did as well. I also thought the sound effects that we had really worked out with what we did. I think we had amazing ideas and it was just hard to make them come together so quickly and smoothly working around deadlines and schedules.

I enjoyed working with my group most out of this project and that is because we had fun. We laughed so much and built a great foundation for a group and I think you can tell that in the show, how we all played off of each others personalities and work.

The hardest thing was to not laugh! As crazy and weird as that sounds, I do laugh a lot and so this killed me to have to try to be serious when my character is the furthest thing from serious.

To future DS106 students: have fun and don’t be afraid to be yourself with this project! This group and I got along so well we are working together again, chose people you don’t know, make friends, be open to ideas and I promise the experience will change the way you look at online classes and group projects.

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