TDC Ideas

Well this is final blog post, being written with a concussion and on pain bare with me please!

Idea 1: To write all the words you think describe you out on paper. Though to make it fun write it in a way you think describes the word, use color and use it as a time to be nice to yourself and reflect on the good things about yourself instead of the negatives.


Creative–write in a cool way

Smart–write in cursive

Outdoorsy–draw flowers or something around the word

Idea 2: Make a background for DS106 with all the creative things you have made throughout the course. This can include writings, pictures, things you made..anything! Make it into something fun and that someone could use to advertise the class or even use as their computer background. Make sure it shows your best work.

I submitted my ideas on the website, but I am unsure as to how to get proof for you of that!

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