How To Storytell

Are you wondering how to do the storytelling assignment? Well, look no further than here!

1. Decide what you want to base the story off of. Are you going to tell the story of your life? A sports team you made? Your first year of college? A friendship?

2. Once that is decided, look for pictures that show the story accurately. Try to not use words, try to just look for good pictures that really bring the story together.

3. Decide if you are going to create a timeline or college, or anything else you believe will tell the story right.

4. Put the pictures to together in storytelling order..make sure it makes sense to someone who doesn’t know you.

5. Do a brief right up about it, explain what you showed the story of and why you did it, use this as a time to reflect upon yourself.

Here is an example:


I did a college, starting in the left corner, my first semester of college, my first college football game cheering with my best friend. Then I continued on with three pictures with my other best friend, one is the first picture we took and the other the last we took before I left SU. Then going down, my move in day at UMW, with my best friend! Continuing we have my first basketball game as a UMW cheerleader, my first UMW snow day, my amazing boyfriend and I, UMW cheer competing for the first time in SEVEN years, my first experience in the river and of course..swimming in the fountain! Finishing off in the center with the girls who showed me what family and a team means, the ones who support me through everything and who I get to cheer with for three more years. I chose my college story as my choice because it made me who I was, it has taught me so much and I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunities I have been given. My story is full of amazing friends and memories and I hope it really shows how much I enjoy and appreciate everything I have been given.

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