How To Reflect:

Are you wondering how in the world to reflect on your freshman year?

1. Make a soundcloud.

2. Do so by going to and making an account.

3. Recording from soundcloud is easier for those new at this, go to upload and click record.

4. Reflect upon your freshman year, think about all the good and bad things, all the new things you learned. Writing things down may help, or just talking and seeing where it goes so you are completely open and honest, whatever works best for you.

5. Click upload after recording.

6. Make a creative title and write a description about the post, put any tags you have to, shown under the assignment.

7. Click save.

8. Wait for the upload to be complete.

Here is my example:

I talked about how horrible my first experience of college was at SU and how miserable I was, but after transferring here to UMW, I couldn’t be more happy and grateful. Faced with a few injury setbacks, but never to the point of giving up because of my amazing friends and family here to help me out.

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