Dinner at 6?

The past two weeks we were required to tune into DS106 radio which is actually becoming on of my favorite past times, it really has helped me grasp more of the concept of noir and what it is. I also like it because it has brought to life some of the things that we have been required to read, which is truly helping with the understanding of some of the harder, older readings.

I like this assignment the best because I love hearing the different approaches of the radio shows our classmates made and comparing them to the ones in which we took. Though I do have to say of the two I tuned into, I really enjoyed last weeks better, Noir Not The Father.

This week I tuned into Dinner Party at 6, at first I was pretty curious because when you think of dinner parties and the theme of noir, I thought of a ton of possibilities. Like is someone bad going to show up? Will some sort crime happen? So many possibilities! I liked some of the sound effect placements because it added to the scene and it brought everything together at some points. Though, at other points, I felt as though some sound effects that were used were not really needed and took away from the general theme and goal of what was going on in the scene. I also was really confused as to the characters and what was going on with that. Some parts were very confusing, others amazing and very well thought out. The group did get their point across with noir and the theme of it though and they did a great job of editing, just needed to work on not taking away from what was going on. But overall, I greatly enjoyed tuning in this week and I am very glad that I did. Great job to this group.

Here are some of my tweets from this weeks tweet along:

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