Who Am I?

If there is one thing I have never loved to do, it would be talking in front of people or talking to them. I also love going against the law because of my job and I feel as though I can really do anything that I want to. For that reason, I dressed up in my disguise as the cheerleader and talked and didn’t care who I was talking to. Though, I did answer questions from the amazing Martha Burtis! I try to come off as the badass that I truly am, but it’s so hard to now that I do have a heart thanks to the Tune Squad. It’s hard to come off so mean and bad when you ask personal questions because I want to be honest, but I also need to protect myself from those who truly don’t like me in the world and there are very many of those. I hope you enjoy my interview and learn a little bit more about me!

My Interview


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