Where Does Longs Hide Out?

I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about where I live and what not. Well truth be told, I don’t actually have a house, I just have a ton of places where I hide out in order to lay low and stay away from the chaos. The daily create for today was to take a video of the color you hate around you’re neighborhood, well here is the old Longs coming out. I like the darker things in life. I like things that make people feel sad and dark because that is usually all that my job involves, sad, hard things. So this is the outside of one of my hide outs, its fairly quiet and calm, I love that it does have darker colors, but I hate the fact that it even has color.


  1. Oh, I love your hideout. It seems isolated which is perfect for my lifestyle. I like the darker things in life myself, except when it comes to my wardrobe! Ha!

    Jewel out.

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