My Life Is Awkward

Well since we have already said that cheer is my life I felt as though this was appropriate in the sense that I had just gotten back from practice and look terrible and rough.

My life is super weird and I love cats, I have actually just a app and merged my face with a cat and I know this is weird and makes people think I am weird, but I just love cats and they are way way better than boys.

I also mentioned cheer because it is also my life and everything until comp revolves around cheer and school and that is really all that matters to me right now.

I had my best friend Becca also join in it, I love her to death and she was the first person that I met coming into here. She is the girl who showed me around and let me in and make friends when I first got here and knew absolutely no one. She made it so easy to get adjusted here, we spend 24/7 together and have the best friendship in the world and that is because she is my base and I practically have to trust her with my life.

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