Do It Go To It, Daily Creates, Lets Do It!


For one daily create this week we had to create finger print art. Since i’ve become really soft and feeling based, I ended up creating a heart and a flower with the finger paint. Who knew I even had a heart though? Of course the flower is blue because no matter how soft and down to earth I get, I will always love the color blue and it will be my one elses. Also, I’ve said before after the day that you took a look into my bag, that I have an alter ego of a cheerleader because sometimes my job just requires you to change things up so people don’t notice you. I chose the name Bri because I felt it was sassy and very girly, like a cheerleader, so I decided to throw a little bit of fun and personal twists to my detective life into my daily create today!


  1. The description of the process really makes it more than just a finger painting exercise. You put a lot of thought into each detail, and I think that is a big component of creations.

  2. Very pretty! I love the colors, but I feel like the narration of your process is what really brought it together. Thanks for sharing about the thoughts behind it as well as the pretty daily create.

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