Bad Blood

For today’s daily create we had to make a video of things that scare us.

Song: Well, Bad Blood by Taylor Swift, I feel like it works perfectly because I truly have “bad blood” with these things.

Snakes: I have the biggest fear of snakes and them just showing up somewhere, even though I’ve never actually seen one..they just seem really creepy, no matter how girly that sounds.

Sharks: BIGGEST FEAR! I even struggle to go in the ocean because I am so scared that something is just going to appear and eat me and who knows..I just get so so scared of them!

Quote: I’m scared that one day everything I’ve been through will affect me and my dreams, that fear will eventually get the best of me. But i’ve beat it all once and I’m not afraid to again.

Airplanes: You hear all of the horror stories of planes and it makes me so scared to ever get on a plane because somethings you just can’t control.


  1. Everything you fear…I fear! Planes, snakes, and sharks are all terrifying. I really love the quote that you included! It is very uplifting and hopeful. Great video and you can never go wrong with a Taylor Swift song!

  2. Great job on the video! I can’t say that I am scared of much of the same things but I was really impressed with the video editing

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