Tune Squad Takes on The Mafia

Due to popular demand of how much we loved our group..THE TUNE SQUAD IS BACK!

Though this time we are taking it to the big screen and coming at you with a video instead of a radio show.

We sadly lost a important member, Gambino, but the Tune Squad is now taking on The University of Mary Washington. The Russian Ballet is happening, but what happens when the Russian Mafia starts  to get involved? What happens when we find a dead ballerina?

As you get a first look inside the investigation of the exploring of the University looking for clues, the interrogations, the plays off of poplar crime shows and of course Longs eating like always. Who would want to miss out on an experience like this?

We met this week and decided to go along the route of the Tune Squad and the mafia even though we lost Brian for this group project. We are planning to film on Monday and get the editing done during the week so that we are done because we are all very busy with school. We are dressing in characters and we will be using a few extras, along with playing multiple people ourselves to make sure we are dramatic enough and show what is going on. We will be using Dodd Auditorium and other places on campus in order to film the murder scene and to investigate. We will also be using a few props like tape and caution tape. We decided to not make a script because of how well we all work off of each other when we talk and we learned that in the radio show. Though we decided we are going to base it like a crime show in current time, starting with the call, finding the body, theme song then right into the fun stuff.

I cannot wait to work with this group again and I can’t wait for everyone to see what the Tune Squad has coming for you soon.

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