Theme Song For Longs!

Above is my theme song for Longs! I learned how to get garage band finally on my computer, so I was super happy to mess around with it. I am still obviously not the best garage bander and I will never be, but I love making music and this is really a start. I enjoyed this because I was able to make it noir like and fun. I made it piano because Longs always looks like the good guy when honestly sometimes he really can be up to no good. I also chose to end with the deep and start with the lighter sound because he comes off sweet, until you get to know him. I chose what I did because he is pretty down to earth and laid back. (5 stars)


  1. So these files are actually Garage Band files, and unless the person downloading them has the same version (and tracks) available, they can’t hear them. :-( Next time, output them as an MP3 and upload them to Sound Cloud so we can all hear them.

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