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I decided to become apart of the newest thing that everyone loves and that would be Pinterest! I like it because I can look up new clothes for me to always be looking fresh and gadgets.

You will find a lot of watches on my page and that is because as stated in previous posts, I love my watches and I make sure to wear one every single day in order to keep track of time and order of everything. Though, I do not like wearing the same one everyday, so I saved multiple ones so that I can have options.

You will see the color blue in clothes and shoes and that is because I love the color blue and looking professional, so if I have the chance to do both why don’t I?

I saved a few gadgets including a robot person because sometimes the Tune Squad is busy and I need someone to help me on my high tech awesome adventures.

I also saved things like photo filters and shoe polishing and that is because I like to always look amazing and picture perfect even in the time of a crime.


  1. Very cool pinterest board. I’ve never done one, but am working on one for my agency, so it’s great to see how you’ve done yours and get a better understanding of what makes for a strong pinterest board.

  2. Oh I love a man with style, and you, my friend, definitely have style! Your Pinterest page says it all! I am also very intrigued with how you use those cool high tech toys! Good work!
    Jewel out.

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