Radio Show Progress!

Group Name: Tune Squad

Members: Geoffry Berryman, Stephanie Henderson, Brian Christiansen

Radio Topic: Combining all of the alternate endings of the stories we created together to form one large story incorporating all of our noir characters we created.

Game Plan: Meeting this week to discuss the radio assignment and to work on it, read each others alternate endings beforehand.

1. We all talked in a group message on Twitter to talk about the theme and the name.

2. Submitted the google document with names and group name..THE TUNE SQUAD!

3. You’ve got to “stay TUNED” to find out what happens.

4. Meeting together early during the week to discuss how to incorporate all the endings together.

5. Record all of the stories together after that, so there doesn’t have to be much editing.

6. Add final sound effects and background music to make the final touch.

7. Submit!

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