Longs In The Headlines


http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/newspaper-design/ (3 stars)

I chose to do this assignment to relate back to my character because we know that Longs can do both good and bad. I created my own New York newspaper because that is where he is from. The background is blue because that is his favorite color, although it is actually dark blue, this is the closest blue that I could get. I didn’t put a picture of him because we haven’t released what Longs truly looks like yet, just given a physical description. This is a headline in the paper that I created and it is just warning people about Longs because although he is a detective he is also up to both good and bad. He helps people, but he also can be found helping the wrong people. This is just a warning to the public not to mistake his appearance for someone who is always up to good things.

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