Logo For The Tune Squad: Idea 1


We all decided to make our own ideas of logos and or bumpers and when we meet up as a group this week we are going to decide on how to mesh and or choose one of the ones previously created.

I chose the font that I wrote tune squad in because it was dark and bold, so it shows that it is clearly the title of our show, but also the darkness of the theme of noir, almost has a creepy element about it.

I put music notes because we are really going to focus on not just doing the talking about the story, we are really going to work on adding sound effects and background music to make it more noir like and to add to the appeal of the story.

Everything in life needs a sort of catch line or label, I chose to use a little twist on the song from pitch perfect that they sing because I was watching it as I did this assignment. I related it back to the idea of noir and how it can truly be good and bad things, depending on the circumstance.

I also did not add color because noir is very picturesque and dark, so any sort of bright color that was not dark would mess up the idea and theme of noir.


  1. I think it’s a great logo that you made there. Having the white background may seem bland but that is actually very important! This is because it will be able to mesh well on many different promotional materials. The only thing I would edit would be the quote just because it is hard to see and it is something you would add to another section of your marketing materials. Let me know if you think that it should still be there! Thanks for sharing.

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