Applying To A Job?

Objective (3 stars)

Above is the link of my newest job resume! I had to update it now that the Tune Squad has taken it even further than video and radio, bit to the agency!! I am so excited to be working with them on bigger and better projects, though I do still need to focus on what I truly do love and that is being a detective! In order to succeed in this happening, I need to go even deeper than the alter ego of the cheerleader, I am now applying to be a cheerleading coach. I feel as though this great opportunity is amazing for me because through pretending to be a cheerleader, I have actually come to love the sport, so it will not only be rewarding, but I will not be completely miserable! I don’t have any education because I never thought as though it was important growing up and I have never been anything else, but a detective, but I make a mean chicken parm so that counts as something right?! I hope I get this job, but for now Longs out.


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